“I’m trying to help my niece who lives with me. She has 3 kids one 21 yr old girl whom is disabled and 2 foster kids a 6 and 8 yr old boys. She works so hard all year to keep them living a good life. Recently her boyfriend had to quit work to home school the kids due to covid and even though she continues to work, with just her income Christmas may not happen for her kids. She is so stressed out and worried and scared to disappoint her kids. Please help her”

Child #1: Young Woman (Disabled), Age 21, Make up clothes size 11 jeans lg shirts

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, Action figures nintendo switch games clothes size 8. Boots size 1 and winter coat size 8 gloves and hats anything fortnite

Child #3: Boy, Age 6, Anything NY Yankee baseball. Ryan’s mystery playdate. Anything fortnite. Clothes size 10 shirts size 8 sweat pants or 10 jeans boys size 13 and winter coat size 10 plus gloves and hat

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