“Hello I would like to start off by saying thank you so much for doing what you do. This year is a very hard year for my daughter and I as it is for many people but this year I lost my mother. We had moved to Florida to take care of her. I was her sole care provider. My mother started to deteriorate in February (and passed away) in March. My daughter was with me throughout the whole process and watched every step of the way. I fear it left her a bit damaged. She has not found any peace or joy since her grandmother has passed away. After my mother’s passing we were evicted from the premises because my mothers apartment was a 55 and older place so I left this homeless during the Covid time we were in shelter to shelter I finally got word from my doctor that I have tested positive for spinal cancer so therefore I decided to move closer to my daughter’s father here in New York so that way she could start building a relationship when we got here. My daughter was able to stay with her dad but it left me to stay on the streets but by the grace of God I have gotten myself a job and I just got an apartment two days ago so I have my daughter back home now and things are finally looking amazing. I missed Thanksgiving with her but I can make it up to her. Everything that she’s been through I want to make sure that this Christmas brings a smile back on her face and takes the way the tears in her eyes so I’m asking you please please for some help. My daughter is 11 years old and the things that she has seen cannot force her to be an adult. I need to remember that she is still a child and how to be one. Thank you for listening”

Child #1: Girl, Age 11, My daughter is definitely a girly girl loves make up music dancing and of course TikTok, Shoe size 8, Pants 13 women’s, Med shirts, We just moved here so twin size Redding would be awesome with a pillow still looking for furniture but twin size is all we can fit in here, Winter gloves hats scarfs and boots, Vitamin E Cream is great for her dry skin she isn’t used to the cold and lotion just wears off, Hair Accessories such as bows scarves ties clips she would love I know she wants a karaoke machine she is big into her music and dancing she asked for dance lessons unfortunately I definitely cannot afford that but least the karaoke machine I think would be amazing

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