“I have broken my ankle in 2019, I have had 2 surgeries on it so far. I was trying to go back to work but due to the increase pain the doctors are thinking about a 3rd surgery due to loss of cartilage in my foot. I currently receive unemployment for $159.25 a week, my rent is $900 a month. I tried to go to social services for assistance with rent but they denied me. They said I make $40 over the amount of a family of 2. I tried to go to Catholic Charities as well to see if I’ll be able to get assistance and they told me I make too little. So I am currently trying to make sure me and my daughter have a roof over our heads. So this year Christmas isn’t looking the best for us.. Anything will truly help. Thank you in advance”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, She is 6 years old she is kind of chunky for her age. She wears a size 8/10 in pants, shirts, socks, training bras, Boot size 1 1/2, she loves anything to do with barbies & LOL dolls

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