“I am writing this because this year has been a major struggle not just financially but health issues as well. I have been hospitalized 4 times this year. (August 2020) was my 4th time that they discovered that after the 2nd day of being in a medically induced coma that I had pancreatitis. They kept me in the coma for 11 days. I was intubated twice then I was released (early Septemeber 2020). Three weeks later my rock/hero my dad died suddenly (September 2020. My mother passed back in [the 90’s]). I have 4 kids that unfortunately have had to suffer due to my health and finances. I’m hoping someone could please help I haven’t even been able to get a Christmas tree. Thank you”

Child #1: Girl, Age 2.5, Peppa pig toys frozen toys clothes size 5/6 shoe size 12, Underwear size 5 freshly potty trained, loves drawing. (She) has so many allergies… and has had to be on steroids for 2 1/2 years.

Child #2: Girl, Age 6, Frozen, Ryan’s world, and lol toys she is size 7/8 clothes and shoes are size 2 she loves playing dress up and needs educational toys as well as clothes. she is smart energetic but struggling with remote school she’s in 1st grade and it’s been very tough on her

Child #3: Girl, Age 12, Loves volleyball clothes are a 5/6 juniors or medium tops loves sweat pants size lg cause there big and comfy shoes size is 9.5 plays cello needs a jacket for winter size medium or large in juniors, likes to draw and hang pictures

Child #4: Girl, Age 16, Needs boots size 9 wants yarn, baking supplies, arts and crafts stuff clothes size XL or 15 in juniors pants needs good shampoo her hair always looks greasy

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