“I am in need of help this year. Me and my kids are going through a lot. Their father has left us and he is not even in their lives. This will be the first Christmas without their dad so I want this Christmas to be special they Deserve it  I’m a single parent of 4 kids I can’t work because I’m home schooling my kids I am behind on my rent and electric so it’s hard to come up with money for Christmas right now I’ve been so stressed out not knowing what I’m going to do so anything would help thank you”

Child #1: Girl, Age 10, Clothes size 12-14 shoes size 5, Hat , gloves , clothes, shoes, hair products, Crafts stuff, bed set size twin, pillow, comforter room decorations, nail stuff

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Clothes size 7-8 shoes size 2, Hat, gloves, snow boots, shoes, clothes, jacket, Crafts stuff, baby dolls, Barbie dolls, bed set comforter twin size, pillow

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, Clothes size 6 shoes size 1Hat, gloves, snow boots , jacket, clothes, shoes, Baby doll, Barbies, Barbie doll house, kitchen set,
Bed set comforter, twin size, pillow

Child #4: Boy, Age 3, Clothes size 4t shoes size 11. Hat, gloves, snow boots, jacket, clothes, shoes, Pj mask toys, paw patrol toys, cars, trucks, toy train set,bed set, comforter, twin size, pillow

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