“This is our first time ever asking for help due to the losing my job March 2020. It’s been a little hard with everything fully on my husband. I no longer have my parents. They passed a year and a half apart. We have no family With having more bills than income, I would like my children to have the sparkle in their eyes on Christmas morning. Thank you so much”

Child #1: Boy, Age 6, He would like Mario Odyssey Legos, Need bed in a bag size twin, Pants shirts pajamas sock size 14/16, Likes to painting

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, She needs socks shirts pants and a coat size 16/18
She loves lol dolls, Air hockey, Baby dolls, Make up

Child #3: Boy, Age 12, Size man XL shirts, Size 9 1/2 Sneakers, Needs hoodie, socks, Bed in bag twin, Just Said for a Nintendo lite, He Likes soccer, And painting

Child #4: Baby girl, Age 1 month, Baby swing, Baby clothes, NB -3 months, Baby toys

We all need bedding Warm Bed in bag – 1 Kings self, 1 twin girl, Crib bedding, 2 twin boy

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