“I am in need of Christmas help this year. I am on unemployment and it’s not getting me by. I tried to do layaway at a Walmart but to be honest I can’t afford to pick it up. I am on EBT and my husband can’t work due to snapping his tendon on his right hand which is his writing hand 5 years ago he has RSD from surgery his hand will never get better I have 3 small children under 18.”

Child #1: Girl, age 14, Sweatpants, she loves Nike, Jordans, Victoria Secret Pink, her size is a juniors small in both tops she loves wearing sweatshirts and a small in the bottoms as well, She is at an age where she asked for them and makeup, visa gift cards

Child #2: Boy, age 13, He wanted an SE Bike even used that’s all he asked for but I understand that they are expensive so he needs a cord for his Xbox one the cord with the small box attached his broke he like sweatpants Jordan’s and Nike he’s a men’s medium in tops and bottoms

Child #3: Girl, Age 9, She wants LOL DOLLS any and all also the advent calendar 5 surprise mini brands if anyone has a used phone they are not using I would love for her to have one so she can do some of the apps on it her clothing size is a juniors small she loves leggings and sweatpants and shirts a medium and sweatshirts

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