“Hi I’m a single mom I’ve been out of work since March. I get from pandemic I get unemployment but its barely 100 a week and my son’s SSI i don’t get any welfare or food stamps. They say my unemployment and his SSI is over the amount for welfare after I pay all my bills I’m broke. I’m behind on rent. (I’m trying to) get that taken care of but I’m in need of help with Christmas for my 11 year old son who’s on the spectrum. He tells me it’s ok as long as we have each other and family but it breaks my heart to know this year I can’t give him a good Christmas. He never ask for anything and he tries so hard to be so understanding. I would appreciate any help for him. He’s a big boy. He’s in size men from medicine that he takes for his seizures so he’s out grown everything. Anything will be appreciated and heartwarming. I know its hard for us all. When I’m in a better situation I hope I can help someone in need”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, Sweat pants 1x, Shirts larm mens, Bed in bag (full size), Gloves hats, T-shirts xl, Socks, Boots size 10 wide, X box controller

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