“Hello, I Pray that everyone is doing well. This pandemic has left four small members of my family in need of essential things. I brought two of my grand babies and two of a close family friend’s children into my home as a way to help with the care of 12 children, could be spread amongst three families. This worked for the last three months, but on Oct. 4, my unemployment benefits ran out and they have yet to restart, thank God for the many giveaways in my area and a little savings I had. These children need warm coats, gloves, hats and scarves as well as boots. These children’s parents has to work and child care is out of the question. These children are healthy and safe with me, which helps out a lot. I also try to help with the other children when I can, mainly so the parents could either work overtime or just some need time to themselves. These are good families, they need some help, I give them what I have so they could have some kind of peace in this madness”

Child #1: Girl, Age 11, he needs: Coat (M-juniors), hats/scarves/gloves, jeans(7-juniors), shirts/sweaters(M-juniors), boots 6 1/2-7. Panties( girls 18), Bras(large), socks. Girl likes to play with baby dolls, read, stuffed animals. She also needs personal care items. PJ’s(juniors m). Slippers, robes. Fashion dolls

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, She needs warm coat(14-16), scarves, hats, gloves, boots (women’s 8 1/2), shirts, sweaters, jeans, panties, bras, socks (All 14-16). She wants a new controller for her Xbox and a game and a Xbox live card. Pj’s (14-16), slippers 8 1/2, robe 14-16. Personal care items.

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, He needs warm coat (14-16), hats, scarves, gloves, boxer underpants (14-16), large Tee-shirts, socks, pjs, slippers and robe. Jeans, shirts, sweatsuits (14-16). He wants a game and Xbox live card, action figures, boots(6 1/2). He also needs personal care items and colognes

Child #4: Girl, Age 8, Coat (12-14) hats, gloves, scarves. Panties(12), bras(small), socks, pjs (12), slippers and boots(5 1/2), robe(12-14). She likes to play with baby dolls, fashion dolls, stuffed animals. She is in the third grade, but she has some troubles, so if should could get activity books to help her, that would be great. She also needs personal care items.

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