“Happy Holidays Everyone, I know this year has been tough on us all and I pray everyone is staying safe. I’m making a wish on behalf of my niece and nephew who recently moved in with me. I am 21 years and have no kids of my own but I didn’t want them to go to foster care so I took them in. Anyone that has dealt with the foster system knows it’s not easy. I’ve applied for services for them but so far nothing has come through yet, COVID definitely slowed the process down. I asked them what they want for Christmas and honestly they said just one thing each. As a young woman this is all new for me and I’m asking for a little something to see them smile for Christmas.T hank you very much.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, Warm coat 14/16, jeans 14s and shirts 14/16. He’s into video games and music. He asked for a portable speaker

Child #2: Girl, Age 9, Warm coat 10/12, jeans 12s shirts 10/12. She’s into dolls, lol surprise, uno. She really wants a baby alive doll

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