“I’m a mom of 2 mentally disabled girls, 16 and 12. I am physically disabled myself, and unable to work due to these disabilities. We are at risk of getting our utilities turned off, and late on our mortgage. Last year our youngest, who is also autistic, was diagnosed with a tumor behind her eye which attached itself to her brain. She had emergency surgery, but they weren’t able to get to the part on her brain for fear of damage to the brain. We found out last month it had grown back and we just got home from Albany Med after her 2nd surgery. Her next surgery she will need a full craniotomy to get as much off the brain as possible. Our medical bills are through the roof, as is our medication bill. My husband is a severe diabetic, and his insulin shots at 4 a day aren’t covered. He barely makes enough to support us on his salary alone, but it’s all we can do. Having some help for Christmas would enable my kids to have a present under the tree that unfortunately, we are unable to provide for them at this time. I pray that you consider my girls worthy of this Christmas wish, they go without every year, and this year I would really love for them to have something. They have both tried very hard to be good. (Our oldest) was placed into a special HS for children with emotional disabilities, and has worked so hard since she got in this last month. She is finally passing her classes and trying very hard to be respectful and responsible. (Our youngest) has just been through a lot this year, and was in the hospital for Christmas last year. May you be blessed this Holiday Season!”

Child #1: Girl, Age 16, All she wants is a computer or gaming system. She has a difficult time being around her sister downstairs because she has severe sensory issues, and when they’re downstairs together, it causes problems that they can’t yet avoid. She tries to stay in her room to keep from fighting, and I commend that. Again, super-expensive, and way exceeding the generosity of a donor, I understand. She wants some clothes, so a gift card for her would be helpful. She dresses in alternative clothing, so it’s difficult to actually shop for her. She could use a set of queen size sheets, and would like a white comforter or duvet cover. She dyes her hair, so any hair products for colored hair, black liquid eyeliner and mascara. She loves Sephora.

Child #2: Girl, Age 12, needs a new mattress, size full. I’m sure this is way too much of a gift, but it is really all she wants, and definitely what she needs the most. Due to the autism, her room is unable to handle any toys or anything. She could use blackout curtains with shear curtains as well. Winter snow boots would be great, she is an adult size 9 as she has special orthotics that need to be inserted. She loves all lotions!

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