“Hello I’m a single mother of two children. A few years ago we had to move to help care for my sick mother. Which later also became my sick father. My mother passed 1st from cancer followed by my grandmother 30 days later. Then my father’s heart stop in his sleep. Dealing with their death broke our world into a million pieces. We all were trying to cope and I was trying to get back to work. Unfortunately I fell and hurt my back. Now with herniated disc I was set back for a few months. I eventually found a job but had to move because I couldn’t afford the rent. We had to go to the shelter. It wasn’t the best but it was a roof over our heads. So unemployed again and now limited due to my back pain I finally got a job at a cleaning company as an office manager. Moved out of the shelter into our own apartment. After receiving my 1st paycheck in a long time I was told it would be my last due to the Covid shutdown. Turns out it was my last paycheck altogether because they couldn’t afford to keep me because business was slow. I’m hoping to bring some joy and smiles to my children’s faces. A little light at the end of our dark tunnel”

Child #1: Boy, Age 16, Twin size bedding, towels and washcloths, toiletries
Men size XXL Clothing (Undergarments, socks, shirts pants and hoodies), Men size 10 Boots and sneakers, He’s into video and computer gaming

Child #2: Girl, Age 11, Twin size bedding , Bathroom towels & toiletries, Hair Accessories, Women’s size XL clothing (Jeans, shirts undergarments), Women’s size 10.5 Boots and Sneakers, She really wants a pair of skates

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