“Hello, last year I had 4 surgeries which started out as a simple gall bladder surgery. I needed to be reopened 3 times after the first surgery due to infection. This January I started losing my vision I went to the ER to find out that I had a blood clot behind my eyes which is causing me to lose my vision. I haven’t been able to work because of vision loss and extreme migraines from the blood clot pushing on my optical nerve. To top it off ,my husband who is a janitor at Washingtonville middle school was furloughed due to covid as of yesterday.. We are under tremendous stress ,worrying about the rent, food and holidays coming up. We have 5 kids and have always busted our butts to make sure we could provide and now we are helpless. Any help we would greatly be appreciated”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, He needs clothes ,size 14 boys. He likes legos , sports , favorite is basketball

Child #2: Girl, Age 11, Needs clothes ,size 12. She likes little blind bags, loves hello kitty , hello kitty for her room, she also loves basketball

Child #3: Boy, Age 9, Also size 9/10, Loves legos , transformers

Child #4: Boy, Age 8, needs clothes Size 9/10 loves legos and transformers

Child #5: Boy, Age 7, Needs clothes size 7, loves legos and transformers

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