“My husband and I are disabled. He was working before March and then in June 2020 he was in a car accident and now he needs surgery, then he will need rehabilitation. I haven’t been able to work in 15 years. My husband was the one who supported our family and now he can’t due to the car accident”

Child #1: Girl, Age 10, she likes makeup, her phone, doing other people’s hair, Nails, she likes to color and draw. She needs clothes her size is 13 in lady in the jegging jeans, size med ladies shirts. She a size 7 underwear in ladies( she love sweat outfits more then jeans and shirts) shoes 9 ladies

Child #2: Girl, Age 3, jojo siwa, barbies, babies, ponies, slime, coloring items. She’s a size 7/8 girls and underwear a 10 girls. Shoes 11 in children

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