“Good evening! Single mom of 8 yr old boy. Like most due to pandemic was out of work. currently started uber eats with limited hours due to being a single parent. doing home schooling, and have limited child care to allow me to do more hours because I’m trying to be cautious as possible due to my son and I having medical issues that put us at higher risk of the virus. Just trying to make my little ones Christmas a little brighter. I appreciate all help received and thank you for all you do!!… Anything is much appreciated thank you and God Bless!!”

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, Sizes: pants and shirts 10/12 Sneakers/boots size 4 boys.. under clothing 10 ..Jacket 10/12 He’s into painting arts and crafts.. Cars and curious George DVDs… Anything is much appreciated thank you and God Bless!!

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