“Hi, I am reaching out because I am in need of help for Christmas this year for my two children … My husband recently lost his job due to the covid pandemic and we are both struggling to make ends meet the best we can and provide to keep the roof over our head, pay bills , pay rent .
It has been very difficult with all this happening as my son has low immune system and I cannot take him out in public and it’s been very hard on us to provide and keep things going. I am worried about this year as money is very tight and I want to make sure my kids have a good Christmas and this year it’s very stressful and scary and I’m trying to make ends meet with only my income right now. I am looking for some help for my two kids so they have a Christmas this year “

Child #1: Boy Age 6, boys bike , winter clothes size 7/8. socks, boxers size 7/8. Transformer bot bots . anything fortnite. He really has been asking for a bike . Fortnite head phones

Child #2: Girl, Age 13, Ripped jeans size 4, warm fleeces for winter size large. Ugg slippers size 8. socks , perfumes , make up pallets, gift cards , girls bike 26″

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