“My family and I have been living with a family friend for almost a year now after losing our home this past January. My hope was to be able to find work and a new place as soon as possible but unfortunately shortly after covid peaked its ugly head and I was home with 5 children trying to homeschool. Emotionally I was exhausted and my hope was nearly lost. I suffer from depression and anxiety and it has taken so much to get out there and find work. Currently my family and I are actively in therapy to help with all the stress and pressure the change in the world had brought us (as everyone else). I finally was able to face that fear and begin looking for work that under the grace of God I have just started but having to catch up on everything fallen so far behind I’m not sure if I can save Christmas for children that are so deserving because they don’t ever ask me for anything. My fiancé is currently out of work but actively looking but with our children starting to be home more because the numbers raising again with the pandemic it’s going to be hard to get a job with scheduling being nearly impossible. We’re just hoping to bring a little joy to our children’s lives (I have 4 children and he has 1 ). I currently do not receive any services, we received snap in the past but with the unemployment I got kicked off for making too much then the unemployment ended and it’s been harder to get them back. My hope with my new job is to save our family car, so that we can soon move into our own home. All I want is for my loves to have their own beds and just to feel comfortable in their own home and not have to worry about anything and feel safe… Thank you so much for just taking the time to read or to grant a wish for one of my children. Thank you from the bottom of my heart”

Child #1: Girl, Age 7, Size 12-14 in shirts and pants (please no jeans), Size 12 in undergarments, Size 5youth shoes, Winter gear gloves scarf ear muffs, Bows and headbands, Doll stroller, loves unicorns, rainbows, LOL, fuzzy socks fuzzy blanket , roblox

Child #2: Boy, Age 11, Size XL in men’s clothing (please no jeans) sweatpants or joggers elastic waistbands long sleeve shirts, XL in men’s undergarments
Size 10 men’s shoe, Graphic tees, Likes Naruto, fortnight, power rangers, Winter gear gloves scarf ear warmers, Deodorant, cologne

Child #3: Boy, Age 10,Large in men’s clothing (please no jeans) sweatpants or joggers elastic waistbands long sleeves, L in men’s undergarments, Likes Graphic tees, Harry Potter stranger things Minecraft fortnight power rangers, roblox, Size 9 in men’s shoes, Winter gear boots, hat scarf gloves
Deodorant, lotion, socks

Child #4: Girl, Age 16, Size 6 in juniors jeans (likes skinny stretchy jeans with rips) medium in juniors fuzzy pjs, Wears size men’s medium graphic tees (likes loose tops) or hoodie, Fuzzy socks , PINK (undergarments ) body spray , fuzzy blankets , deodorant, lady shavers, hair gel , gloves. Ear warmers

Child #4: Boy, Age 5, Not in need of any clothes, But winter gear hats gloves/mittens, scarf, Loves fire trucks, roblox , twin blanket or smaller likes paw patrol

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