“This has been a painful year financially and this is something I would not do normally but I believe I’m finally accepting defeat. I work as a full time school bus driver, and my husband was an essential worker through the entire pandemic, working over time just to be able to make ends meet since I was out of work due to the schools shut down and we barely made it. Just as we were getting on our feet and preparing for Christmas for our two children, the schools shut down again, hopefully not for long this time but unemployment is really pennies in comparison no matter the time. I have to make the decision between providing my two children with a wonderful Christmas after such a hard year or keeping up with our bills including the car maintenance I just had to spend way too much money on in hopes of my car passing inspection. I would be so appreciative of anything although I know there are people out there worse off than myself. Thank you.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 7, He is a size 2 in shoes, 8/10 in shirts and pants. Loves basically anything involving Pokémon or bakugan. Does not need a winter jacket but boots would be great

Child #2: Girl, Age 3, She is a size 5t in clothing and 10 in shoes. Just starting to be into barbies but prefers dinosaurs and unicorns. Also does not need a jacket but winter boots

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