“We are a family of 7 we live off my disability check and public assistant for the children this year I don’t have any money left over for gifts. My children school counselor told me about you guys so I was just hoping they can at least receive each a gift. Thank you so much in advance.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2.5, he would like a Bicycle and toys he like blippi , pj mask, super heroes, trucks, and tools. He need cloths size 5t shoes 9t and any winter gear like a coat boots etc.

Child #2: Girl, Age 8, she would like a Scooter some girl toys like OMG LoLs dolls big sisters, Barbie, nails and she needs cloths size 8 and shoes size 2 ..any winter gear like gloves hat scarf coat etc.

Child #3: Girl, Age 6, She will like a scooter or a electric car she can ride she likes girly toys like OMG LoLs big sister, Barbie, and she needs cloths size 7 and girl shoes size 12 1/2 ..etc. and any winter gear like a coat, gloves etc.

Child #4: Girl, Age 13, she would like any gift card. She likes Starbucks, kohl’s, walmart, panera exc. she has Mention to me she would just like new underwear and shirts. and I know she loves frozen coffees and pastries. etc. she wear a size 2xl in women. 8 in women shoes

Child #5: Boy, Age 17, he would like any gift card. He likes basket ball, he would love a basketball hoop but That mite be to much to ask but he also loves video games. he wears a size small in men and 9 1/2 in men

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