“This is a family with a single mother who has three children under the age of 6. Two of the children have autism and require 24/7 care and monitoring. Mom works per diem but has a huge challenge of childcare because she can not leave her children with a typical baby sitter due to their needs and behaviors. Mom is also doing school at night. With being a single mother and having children with extra needs she is unable to work. Covid 19 has made for further challenges as some of the schooling and therapies are remote which requires mom’s time and attention as well. Without being able to work finances are very challenging and stressful. In addition to her children’s education , there are therapies, medical appointments and also the typical household responsibilities. With being a single mother and the extreme needs of two of her children and covid finances are a true struggle currently”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2.5, Snowsuit size 5t, diaper (size 5) and wipes, chewsies(hand held chewable sensory items, brand chewy.) puzzles with pieces that don’t come out but are interactive with latches, knobs etc., sunny and fun balance beam

Child #2: Girl, Age 4, snowsuit 6 or small, comforter for bed likes frozen disney and likes pink and mini mouse, also needs a potty seat that fits on the toilet, books preschool level, bike with training wheels, present kitchen

Child #3: Girl, Age 6, needs a sensory sheet that goes over the mattress tightly cocoons the child into the bed like a big hug, sensory balls that have different textures and light up, toys that light up and plays music

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