“This is a family of five. Dad works full time but mom had to leave her job to help her youngest who is a baby who was born disabled with serious medical needs. These needs required round the clock attention 24/7. In addition there are multiple medical visits and surgeries. This reduction in half the household income has cause financial stress and struggles”

Child #1: Girl, Age 2.5, Sleepers ( footsies) girls 12 months, diaper (size 3) and wipes, likes sensory toys as in cause and effect (meaning when i do this the toy does that) and favorite color is pink, imaginary play : small doll house or school house with small figures, likes the movies frozen and toy story. Kitchen set. This child is wheel chair bound

Child #2: Girl, Age 8, hat and gloves, leggings size 10-12 large, favorite color purple, loves arts and crafts, look and find type books, imaginary play as a teacher or doctor, uniform and likes to bake, journal.

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, Hat and gloves, legos, football (favorite team is the Buccaneers), fidget spinners and things to keep his hands busy, things to put together, collects rocks, favorite colors are red and blue

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