“This family resides in Ulster county but due to legal reasons the ulster location is confidential. This is a family with a single mother and three children all who have special needs. All receive special education and the youngest receives early intervention therapies. Mom has been unable to work due to all of the children’s needs and two in addition have medical needs necessitating numerous doctor appointments in and out of the county that are time consuming. With all of this and mom’s own issues and and needs has been unable to work. This makes finances very tight and just to keep afloat is a struggle. Add to this the holidays and the financial stress is even harder.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2.5, Snowsuit size 3T, puzzles with pieces that don’t come out and are interactive like knobs, latches etc, farm house with animals, school house with people, weebles, indestructible books

Child #2: Girl, Age 5, snow boots size 12-1. Disney princesses, shopkins (mini animals), gardening tools, legos, tool set

Child #3: Boy, Age 10, Legos, magic cards, pokemon cards, carpentry tools, twister game, books: diary of a wimpy kid, seriess of unfortunate events books, journal, tent for outside

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