“My husband and I currently moved back to New York residing with family with my 4 children (my husbands step-children). My husband is a disabled vet who is currently gets a VA monthly disability check I am currently working a minimum wage and now part time job due to COVID I’m only working 5 hours a day. We were living in Florida but lost our home due to a fire which caused our sudden move due to the moving expenses. We are low on money to provide a Christmas for the children. I’m in the process of trying to get help for food stamps and such but they say we currently make too much even though our monthly bills etc. leave a very minimum amount monthly to live on. We would greatly appreciate help for our family. We normally don’t ask for help but in this time of need we could use all the help we can get especially with losing everything”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Clothes size 36 pants 32 in length and shirt size extra large .. pajamas.. winter jacket, boots size 11, he would love some sort of hand help game system even if really cheap, gift card, winter accessories (hats, gloves ect)

Child #2: Boy, age 7, Clothes pants size 8 shirt size 7-8 pajama boots size 2… he would love a remote control car .. gift card for PlayStation (he uses a family members) winter coat and accessories (hat, gloves)

Child #3: Boy, Age 5, Clothes size 6 , pajamas , boots size 1, he loves peppa pig, loves education anything and a new bike, winter jacket and accessories (hat, gloves)

Child #4: Boy, Age 4, Clothes size 5, winter jacket and accessories (hat, gloves) boots size 12, pajamas, loves trucks and education loves painting

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