This is a single mom with five children full time and a sixth on weekends and holidays. Each child has their own special needs whether educationally or developmental or medically. Due to the children’s various needs and COVID 19 making services, therapy and some school remote has placed an additional responsibility on mom. Due to COVID 19 mom has been unable to work. This has cause a financial hardship on mom and the family. It would be immensely helpful to make it possible for mom to provide a holiday for her kids.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 2.5, Educational toys. cause and effect toys, puzzles that the pieces don’t come out but are interactive, snowsuit size 4t and snow boots 10 and a half to 11

Child #2: Boy Age 3.5, like to color, likes music and trucks, books (picture books) snowsuit 4t and snow boots 11/12

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, bike with training wheels, books, hair care for a little girl,

Child #4: Girl, Age 9, anything JOjo siwa a tube character, music, uno attack, twister game

Child #5: Boy, Age 10, tools, fishing is a big thing for this child, fishing pole and accessories

Child #6: Girl, Age 11, stranger thing (books, games), crafts

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