“We have had financial hardship with only one income coming in this year because of COVID and homeschooling our kids. Due to Covid-19 and taking in our grandson we are short on money for almost anything this year” (updated 11/29)

Child #1: Boy, Age 6, Play dough- Candy delight playset. Lego’s playset. Doctor kit (stethoscope, thermoiter, etc). Playmobile hospital set. Kids Tablet. Go Retro Portable handheld -Kohl’s store

Child #2: Boy, Age 13 (Autistic) Lego’s-Cars 3, Chase Racelot-car (Cars 3), Stu Scattershield -car (Cars 3), Bubba Wheelhouse-car (Cars 3), Cars3 game-Driven to Win (XBOX 1), Sweat pants and sweat shirt (Large-men)

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