Family #194: ORANGE COUNTY – – – WISH MET!!!

“Hello, Happy Holidays – I’m hoping I can get some help this year for the holidays due to financial struggles, as many others I lost my job due to Covid and It’s just myself & my three children so things have been tight. I don’t receive any assistance or child support assistance but I’ve recently accepted a new job which I’m due to start soon and started going back to school hoping to get back on my feet. Things have been pretty tough lately but I’ve been trying really hard & I’m thankful for a new job and a chance to catch up on our bills but I also want to make Christmas special for my little ones”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, Barbies, Barbie clothes, Clothes ( size 10/12), Craft kits
Barbie accessories, LOL suprise doll blanket, Slippers size 1, Pajamas

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Baby dolls, Baby doll accessories, Coloring stuff, Roku
Clothes (10/12), Pajamas, LoL suprise doll blanket, Slippers size 13

Child #3: Boy, Age 5, Legos, Clothes size 6 or Small, Scooby doo toy, Pajamas size 6, Avengers blanket/sheet, Slippers size 12

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