“Hi I am a single parent of two teenage daughters and I won’t be able to provide much for Christmas for them this year. They have been through a lot these past couple years and they deserve to have a happy Christmas. I am behind on rent, I get little support from the father and I cannot work because I am disabled and it’s hard for me to go to stores to even get them gifts because I can’t drive. Anything is appreciated. Thank you so much!”

Child #1: Girl, Age 17, In need of jeans size 13 in juniors, socks size 8, hats, gloves, boots size 8, a large hoodie. She wants led strip lights for her room and an oil diffuser with some oils also a hair straightener for her and her sister

Child #2: Pants size 9 in jeans, socks size 6, hats, gloves, boots size 6, a size medium hoodie. She wants led strip lights like her sister, bath bombs and nail art

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