“I lost my job though the COVID and I have no one to stay home with my kid an I couldn’t afford child care. I am asking for help because I am behind one month on my rent and I don’t have much family to ask for help. I  am waiting an social services to help me. Thank you.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 4, Clothing 4t, shoe size 10 toddler, toys, monster truck cars and dinosaurs

Child #2: Boy, Age 11, Clothing size 12 and shoe size 4, toys, he wants a tablet, Nerf Gun, legos, and blade blade and sheets, hat and gloves

Child #3: Boy, Age 15, Gift card, Clothing medium, socks size 5, basketball

Child #4: Boy, Age 16, Gift cards men size medium clothing, blankets and towel, underwear medium, sneakers size 8

Child #5: Girl, Age 17, Gift cards, body wash, lotion, clothing medium, shoes size 8

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