“With covid and remote learning I am unable to work and without working I am unable to give my kids a Christmas! I hate to ask for help, it’s not like me, but I just can’t do it this year and it’s heart breaking. I’m a single mother who is doing this all on my own. Due to covid I am unable to work with my children having to do remote learning. I am supposed to be receiving child support from my children’s father but due to covid I haven’t been getting it on time. So when I get the money it goes straight to bills. With that being said I have no funds to purchase gifts for my children. If I am able to get help for my family it would mean the world to us! Anything will help, even if it’s things not listed.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 10, My son needs clothes from shirts t shirts jacket snow pants to socks and shoes/boots. He is size 16 in clothing or large. Shoe size is size 4. He is really wishing for an ipod/ipad and a VR system. He would love his own cellphone but i cannot afford to pay. He likes video games, dinosaurs, a boxing bag, light strips for his bed room

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, She also is need of clothing / shoes and jackets. She is size 7/8 for clothes and size 2 for shoes. She is hoping for an ipad or ipod.
She loves music, horses, cats and stuffed animals. She would love makeup jewelry and hair supplies. (extremely curly hair), She is also wishing for a small breed puppy!

Child #3: Boy, Age 4, He is need of clothing as well, jacket and snow items and shoes. He is size 5 for clothes and for shoes/boots he is size 12.
He would like a tablet or ipad. He loves tractors, trucks and cars. His wish for Christmas is to get a ride on car. He loves anything camo. Hats are his thing

Child #4: Girl, Age 3, She is also in need of clothing shoes jacket and winter wear. she is size 3T with shoes being size 8. She loves barbies and dolls .
Her wish for Christmas is to get barbies and a barbie house with accessories. She would like a tablet or ipod for learning activities. She would love a ride on toy to ride along side her brother

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