“I am a single father of 4 girls. I have been taking care of my girls for the last 4 years by myself. I am never the one to ask for help but this year is a little different. I lost my job due to covid-19 and still haven’t been able to find a job. We are just barely making ends meet. But I do have faith that things will restore shortly. I am very grateful there are good people out here that are willing to help in this time of need”

Child #1: Girl, Age 16, Needs would be a robe,socks, pajamas size med women’s and things to decorate her room. And gift cards of anykind. Smell goods

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, Needs for girl 2 would be house robe pajamas socks things to decorate her room and gift cards of any kind. Pajamas and robe size small women’s.

Child #3: Girl, Age 13, Needs would be underclothes size small pjs size small nail polishes smell goods and a new comforter for a queen size bed. And gift cards of anykind. The 3 older ones love to shop lol

Child #4: Girl, Age 6, Her needs would be a house robe sz 6t. Slippers size 12 little kid. Anything peppa pig. Anything barbie. And she said she wants the barbie dreamhouse

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