“We are blessed to have three princesses. My eldest two are special needs, one is on autism spectrum with sensory issues and the second one has developmental delay. My husband is currently unemployed and we are separated at times. I’m working on a limited schedule due to my own mental health and physical health issues. Most days I want to quit my job but we would then be homeless. It’s very difficult for me to raise special needs children. I am challenged most days but I strive to be the best mother I can be. The holidays are a special time for the kids as they love looking at toys and everyone is happy. My husband is getting unemployment but we have so many bills. I’m not able to pay any of our medical bills yet. We are in danger of eviction because we don’t pay rent on time and have trouble paying rent having to borrow from relatives to make payments for costs of living. We don’t have access to many services. I feel embarrassed to ask because I grew up very humble. Your generosity is appreciated.
If you can pray for us I would appreciate that the most. God provides for everyone”

Child #1: Girl, Age 6, Any projects, crafts for her. She loves hands on things. Toys and games that will be pleasing to her sensory needs (craves motion/ movement). I wish I could get her a sensory chair. Size 8 clothing for little girls, size 13 in toddler girls shoes or size 1 in little girl shoes. Socks Outdoors hands on things for her she can use like even a sled for snow or a swing she wants a swing the most for outside. Loves animals and stuffed animals. Books about planets, travel, nature. Winter water proof gloves for girls

Child #2: Girl, Age 4, She loves Disney and pretends she’s a princess even though she can’t sing any of the words. Size 3T in clothing, dresses, loves color pink so anything pink she can wear, babies, Disney Frozen Elsa and Anna, Dollhouses. Disney books. Pull-ups size 4T-5T, Face cream for children

Child #3: Baby Girl, Age 1, Clothing size 12 months, diapers size 4. Light up baby toys with music or activity toys, baby teethers. Baby wash, baby cream, baby food, Winter hat

Grocery store gift card to buy food

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