“I’m a single mother of four. There’s 5 in my household. I live in subsidy housing. The money I make only makes enough to pay my bills and it’s not even enough. I live paycheck to paycheck. I do not receive social services so I have to buy food and they say I make to much but the money I make only basically pays my bills and I’m still trying to catch-up on my bills. Two fathers do not pay child support. They are very behind on their support:

Child #1: Boy, Age 9, Clothes size medium sweatpants n sweatshirts joggers n t-shirts. Boxers size 30-32 socks. Winter coat large. Hat n gloves men’s shampoo n soap. Lotion deodorant n shaving items. Towels n comforter set n pillows n towels. For queen size bed. Boots size 9. Sneakers size 9

Child #2: Girl, Age 18, Skinny jeans size 5. small sweatpants n sweatshirts. Joggers. Medium t-shirts. Likes hoodies. Queen size sheets n pillows. Comforter set likes paris theme. Hat scarf n gloves. Perfume make up sets likes lotions deodorant shaving items. Nail polish Boots size 7 n a half. Socks. Pajamas likes fleece pajamas n onesie pajamas. Medium size robe. Loves slippers. Wants Weighted blanket. Likes snacks – chocolate truffle,s andies mints, ensure n protein shakes

Child #3: Boy, Age 16, Skinny jeans size32. Medium sweatpants n sweatshirts. T-shirts n joggers. Socks n boxers medium. Boots size 11. Hat scarf n gloves. Sneakers size 11.5 comforter set n sheet set for full size bed towels likes the color red. Winter coat size medium. Cologne sets. Shampoo lotion n soap for men shaving items n toothpaste n toothbrush. Likes old spice. Slippers. Wants a skateboard

Child #4: Girl, Age 12, Sweatpants n sweatshirts. Size 14. Jeans n t-shirts. Likes Justice. N the Childrens Place. Socks n underwear size 14. Winter coat size 16 likes purple color. Nail polish. Likes bath n body works likes lotion and perfume sets. Nail polish sets pajamas slippers size 5 to 6. Purple comforter set n sheets. For twin size bed. towels, Shampoo n conditioner n suave deodorant boots size 6. Robe. Hat scarf n gloves. Wants a bike purple n helmet. Or hoverboard

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