“I have recently lost my husband to cancer and blood clots to his lungs. I have no income at all. I have had to have my daughter and her two children move back home to help with bills and such. The three of them are all disabled. The two children are autistic and one also has CP. All of the income my daughter brings in goes to pay bills and there is very little left to do much else. ( laundry soap , household cleaning stuff). We would be truly grateful for any help that could be given. would be grateful for any help given. Hopefully next year will be a better year and we can pay it forward. Thank you and God bless.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 13, Needs winter clothing and boots. Wants any type of gaming electronics. clothing size is a mans medium . Please no zippers or buttons on pants because he has Cerebral Palsy and has difficulty with them. Sweats are prefect. men’s 9 1/2 shoe size

Child #2: Needs winter clothing and boots. Clothing sizes are 10 / 12 girls. Shoe size is 4 in girls. Baby dolls electronics

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