“It’s been one hell of a year for us! Mom had surgery 1 year ago putting me out of work, 2 weeks post op we got into a bad car accident totaling our car. We then discovered our apartment was growing mold and our boys were getting sick. Forcing us to move. Most of our things had to be thrown out from the smell and mold. So we have been trying to start fresh. Now a month before Christmas, our only car is having mechanical issues. In any case, I stay home with our four kids all day, everyday doing school work. (I don’t have any) income because I can’t work. Any help is greatly appreciated. I would just like to give my kids a nice Christmas!”

Child #1: Boy, Age 10, 12/14 clothes, size 6 sneakers. Needs cotton boxer briefs. Would like 3 pack of adidas body wash/axe gift set. Deodorants. Winter coat, ear muffs, likes fortnite toys/games, Pokémon cards, tech decks

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Clothes size 12, sneakers size 2.5/3 winter coat, hat and gloves set. Likes barbies, needs math counters for school. Would like dvds/movies to watch. Needs twin size bedding set. Bathroom gift sets /body wash shampoo/conditioner pajamas or pj onesie

Child #3: Boy, Age 5, Clothes size12/14 regular or 10/12 husky. Sneakers size 2.5 wide. Needs 10/12 cotton boxer briefs, pajama sets or onesies. Bathroom gift sets/body wash. dinosaur- themed (if possible) bedding (twin size). Slippers. Winter coat. Likes puzzles, board games

Child #4: Baby Girl, 8 weeks old, Size 6-9 month pajamas/clothes. Needs white onesies 6-9 months and up. Honest diapers size 2 and up. Baby wipes. Needs next stage car seat. Car seat toys, teething toys, bowls, spoons, walker

Any help is greatly appreciated. Since I am up all the time a mini keurig was gifted to me so any kcups are appreciated. Also any gift cards to ShopRite/Walmart to do food shopping would be appreciated

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