“Hello my name is … I have a 8 year old son! I’m a single mother. My mother use to help me with him but unfortunately she passed due to breast cancer a couple years back. I am a mental health patient I have been diagnosed with bipolar, depression and anxiety. But when my mother passed it got worse. I couldn’t keep a job because I always felt like people was laughing at me or looking at me too long. My anxiety was out of control. I couldn’t control it. I always tried my best to make sure my son always had a good Christmas so I tried to get a job around Christmas. I finally found a way to control my anxiety, in 2019 I found a job that was for me. But unfortunately due to COVID-19, my job shut down. The little bit of money that I do get goes to my rent and food. My son’s birthday is (early December) so December is a big deal for him. I wanted him to have great Christmas because my son is a great kid. Thank you considering us.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 8, Super smash bro‘s switch game – Black venom toy – blaze blaze – a bike -Venom comfortable for full size bed and sheets – size 8 yrs in pants and shirts – 3 kids in shoes – 8-9 yrs old in boxers. He does love everything name Nike lol and Jordan and Vans! (He also asks for) -iPhone 10, Apple watch – HD Ring Light, Fortnite battle bus and a hoverboard

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