“I am writing this letter on behalf of my sister. She is a wonderful mother of two little boys. Who are eleven and eight year old. Recently my sister has had her work hours cut in half due to the pandemic. So with that she has been struggling to pay bills and maintain a roof over her and my my nephews heads. My sister is the type who doesn’t like to ask for help, so she struggles and suffer in silence trying to be a strong mother for her kids . But I believe that sometimes in life you need a little help and I know that there is wonderful people out there holding out a hand to help. With all the stuff that she has went through I would give anything to see a smile on her and my nephews face. If you are reading this thank you for even taking the time to look. Thank you so much and God bless!”

Child #1: Boy, Age, 11, Shirts extra large, sweaters extra large, pants 16 regular, boxers extra large, shoe size 9 in mens, socks, hats, scarf, gloves,
twin size comforter and sheet set, towels, headphones, lotion, cologne, toothbrushes, coats, jackets, soap, watch

Child #2: Boy, Age 8, shirts 10-12, pants 10-12, sweaters 10-12,boxers medium 10-12,socks, hat, gloves, scarves, twin size comforter and sheet set, headphones, lotion, cologne, toothbrush, coats, jackets, soap, Star Wars LEGO’s, fortnite toys, naruto toys

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