“I can’t work I have retinitispigmentosa so I raise my 3, kids the best I can with only SSI. I have great kids that deserve a good Christmas. My mom lives with us but she’s legally blind as well so not only am I taking care of 3 kids I’m taking care of her. (I don’t have any) family in NY. I have 1 aunt but she can’t help I tried (to get other help for Christmas) but it was a long walk and I was told sign ups are over. Thank you.”

Child #1: Boy, Almost 11, It would absolutely love a new pair of sneakers size 10 and men’s he’s autistic he doesn’t have many toys really likes army men wearing guys and small stuff dogs he wears a size large shirt besides medium and men’s men’s stretch pants

Child #2: Boy, Age 9, He would also like a new pair of sneakers size 9 in men’s and snacks he’s all boy he loves playing with cars trucks and turtles wears a large men’s top medium men’s sweats

Child #3: Girl, Almost 9, But absolutely love her sneakers or dress shoes she really wants dress shoes size 7 years has also asked for snacks loves to play with Barbie dolls and baby dolls wears a large woman’s top XL woman’s leggings or swears

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