“I am seeking help with Christmas gifts for my children. I am desperately trying to avoid eviction. I might have to leave this apartment at the end of December and I’m dreading breaking the news to them and disappointing them. I have an 11 year old that is autistic and needs me most of the time to take care of of him. I do work but due to the major concerns of his behavior it’s hard to find a sitter for him and he had not been able to go to school so I haven’t been able to work as much. I only work 2 days a week and am 4 months behind in rent. I been trying my beat to catch up on bills and will not be able to do Christmas. I don’t receive any support from their dad. My family doesn’t help. I only get SNAP. It’s hard being a single parent trying to get help and services for a special needs child. Any help you I’ll be appreciated”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, He would love a tablet he’s been asking, A remote control car, Twin comforter set, Sheets pants size 14, shirt xl, shoes boots and sneakers 6 1/2. He in need of underclothes, socks, underwear, tshirts etc. jacket size Xl, the game 2k20

Child #2: Girl, Age 14, Clothes size 0 pants or s/xs, Sneakers /boots women 8, Hair care item she have natural hair (Cantu) body wash, and she really want body sprays and nail stuff, Queen bedding set, sheets etc. under clothes socks, tshirt, underwear. Also a jacket size M

Child #3: Girl, Age 15, nail set, vans size 8, jeans size 00, winter jacket, shirts size xs, bath and body works, earrings, necklace, make up kit, sephora gift card, board games

I have a house hold need of toiletries, towels and wash clothes

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