“Hello, my husband broke his leg at work back in February and just today (he) went back to work. He had surgery and has been home since recovering. He only received a minimal amount from workers comp and we have been struggling since. Bills are backed up, mortgage hasn’t been paid since August. I was able to qualify for SNAP benefits, Thank Goodness!! I work pt, 15 hours a week so what I bring home doesn’t cover much. I have 4 kids who are very understanding that there isn’t any money for extras, but as a mom my heart hurts that I cannot afford gifts this year. I am hoping to get a little help so I can be able to get them a few gifts. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you”

Child #1: Boy, Age 16, Size men’s lg/xl. Sneaker size mens 12. Bedding, twin. He likes dove body wash. Boots 12 mens

Child #2: Girl, Age 13, Womens large. Black leggings size lg. Jeans 10/11 she like body sprays and secret deodorant. Sneaker and shoe size is womens large

Child #3: Boy, Age 12, Sweat pants size men’s med, tshirts men’s med, socks. Sneaker size 9.5 light weight winter jacket size men’s med

Child #4: Girl, Age 10, Womens large size. Legging, shirts, light weight jacket womens xl. Black Sneakers size 9, dive body wash. Shampoo & Conditioner. Secret deodorant

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