“I have an auto immune disorder amongst other medical problems that I have battled for many years. It has made it very difficult to work full time. After my battle with cancer and then losing my mom to cancer in 2018, I decided to try doing my own thing. I became self employed and in 2019 it started to grow some, but sadly due to the pandemic all that growth vanished. I am in the middle of a nasty divorce after being in an abusive marriage for many years. I only get $200 a week in unemployment. Many jobs are off limits to me due to my medical conditions. It’s been a very long and hard three years for us. I would like to give my amazing children a wonderful Christmas. It would be nice to have some normalcy and some holiday cheer. Happiness has been scarce. We all be something to smile about.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 14, Jacket size medium/ large, slippers, pajamas: women’s med/large makeup, books, paint and canvases, jewelry, Bike, skateboard. She wears size 10 in women’s shoe; She could use a new bedspread set, queen size. She uses lots of scrunchies, coconut oil and Moroccon oil hair products. She loves hoodies. She wants a Xbox, what kid doesn’t. But, this is a gift she knows will be one of those you have to wait for.

Child #2: Girl, Age 11, Clothes, size 14-16. She is a hoodie/sweat shirt and sweat pants girl, slippers, pajamas size 14-16. She loves the Harry Potter series and the Hunger Games. Size 9 in women’s shoes. She needs sneakers. She loves books, music, painting, puzzles. She has been asking for a new bike. She could use a new bedspread and linen set, her bed is a full size. A jacket size 16. Any health and beauty products are helpful: she uses Aragon oil in her hair

Child #3: Boy, Age 16, He has an Xbox. He wants a headset. Xbox play card. He needs clothes, size Xl in shirt and pants: he loves sweats and hoodies. Needs sneakers, 10.5 in men. Could use a jacket, men’s xl. Loves Broadway and the Hunger games. Could use lotion, shaving set; socks, t shirts xl and slippers. A bike. Could use a bedspread and sheets for a queen bed

Child #4: Boy, Age 18, Clothes: Men’s large. Sneakers size 11. He needs slippers. He has a PS4, but wants a headset. Loves fitness. Plays football. Went away to school to play and was sent home due to COVID. He is very much into fitness and sports. He loves making music. He needs a bedspread and linen, he has a king mattress

Child #5: Boy, Age 3, Loves paw patrol. Wears size 5t in clothes. Needs a jacket and gloves, hat, scarf. Blocks, toy cars, art, puzzles. Toddler toys. A tricycle would be lovely. Floor puzzles and books

Child #6: Boy, Age 9, Clothes size 12. Loves hoodies, sweatshirts, graphic tees. Loves nerf gun, legos, remote control cars. Needs slippers, hat, gloves. Loves X-men. Loves making slime and arts and crafts

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