“My family has been through a lot the past 2 years. We lost our home and had to move in with friends. Their grandparents got a divorce. Their grandfather lives in the same town and does not acknowledge them. Their grandmother just passed away this past week right before the holidays. We were without a car for over 2 months. We had to sell stuff in our garage just to get by. It has been really tough for me and my husband and our 3 children, all we have left is our little family in this world, but as long as we have each other I know we will be okay. Thank you for helping if you choose to do so there are amazing people out there. If you do not choose to help that is ok to thank you for taking the time to read my story and god bless everyone”

Child #1: Girl, Age 18, She just graduated in June and she wants clothes and jewelry and anything to do with being a girl she is size clothes large for shirts and for pants size 16 and shoes she is size 9 and undergarments size clothes. She needs a winter jacket. And also hair products and shaving products

Child #2: Girl, She is 14 years old. She likes Harry Potter and her size for shirts is also xl and her pants are 16 and her shoes are also size 8 and she needs shoes and socks and clothes she also would like a new computer for her school work she is in advanced classes so really smart also she would like hair products . Jewelry, shaving needs, perfume, lotion and thing to being a girl. She also needs winter gear.

Child #3: Boy, Age 13, He is such a boy! He likes trucks, tools and he likes to build things. He is size 8 in shoes and pants is is 16 and for shirts same size. He needs socks and pants and shirts. He as well needs winter gear. And he also likes to play video games. He also needs shaving supplies as well as deodorant

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