“I have four boys. I am currently living in a motel in Catskill place by Ulster county DSS. I am struggling on a day-to-day basis just to get by. I suffer from severe depression because I am sad and for my kids I feel like I am not a good mother to them because I cannot provide everything that they need. I’m reaching out for help so that my kids can have a good Christmas. To be honest, it’s hard for me to tell my story to people but I’m coming up on 6 years and recovery and I struggle now being clean more than I did when I was actively using. For once in my life I would just like for things to go good for me and my kids. I have endured physical, sexual and mental abuse throughout my life. My kids favorite as well as mine holiday is Christmas. One of my boys has been in and out of the mental institution because he’s attempted suicide a few times because of how depressed he is. Nothing would make him more happier than getting a game system for Christmas because he knows mommy can’t afford it so could somebody please just reach out and touch our family this year put a smile on my kids’ face as well as mine Lord knows our family deserves this”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, My son is into arts and crafts games and he’s in desperate need of clothes (men’s size medium) boxers and socks a pair of boots he’s a men’s 10 and a half

Child #2: Boy, Age 13, He’s into anything Pokemon he really wants a game system he’s in need of clothes (size boys 14/16) under clothes such boxers and socks he also likes arts and crafts

Child #3: Boy, Age 15, He’s also into Pokemon he wants a new phone and also in need of clothes (size 16) boxers and socks he likes remote control cars as well

Child #4: Boy, Age 17, He’s asking this year for a Nintendo switch air pods clothes (mens 2X) boxer socks sneaker size 13

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