“Everything this year has been so hard for me an my family between losing jobs, deaths… so much has gone wrong and I just want to be able to make 2020 right for the kids this year. give then something to be excited about. We don’t have the extra money for anything let alone presents or snacks or bills. All of the money that we have to earn we put a roof over their heads and make sure they have something in their bellies. My health isn’t the greatest. So much has taken a toll. It’s hard supplying for a family of 8 as well as keeping up with the cats but we do our very best each day we try to make the ends meet but sometimes we struggle and that’s ok it’s ok to ask for help”

Child #1: Girl, Age 11, She isn’t picky what so ever loves blue purple is in need of clothes tops lg or 16 pants leggings medium shoes women’s 9 she also has a twin bed an is n need or winter gear as well as toiletries. She loves legos and baby dolls board games anything makes her happy

Child #2: Girl, Age 10, Underwear size 7 women’s, Socks, Lg shirts, Med pants, Needs one, Loves building coloring and crafts needs toys and bins

Child #3: Girl, Age 5, Undies, 4t, Tops 5t, Bottoms 5t, Need jacket snow pants baby dolls paw patrol loves to color paint

Child #4: Boy, Age Shirt xl, Bottoms xl, Winter gear, Coloring remote cars, Ps3 games, Sports, Scooby doo, Not picky

Child #5: Girl, Age 14, Make up, Perfume, size 2x, Paint crafts, Winter things

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