“I’m a mother of 3 beautiful children that needs help this Christmas. I finally got approved for SSDI last month but after rent and bills I honestly have no money left for any Christmas presents and I feel like a failure for it. I just want my children to have a good Christmas. They deserve it. My oldest helps me with the younger 2 and even the younger 2 have helped me due to my disabilities. Thank you and God bless!”

Child #1: Girl, Age 10, Needs clothes desperately! Shirts size medium in junior’s pants size 16 in girls shoes size 8 women’s. She loves to read books, arts and crafts, diamond dots, and lol suprises dolls (she really doesnt play with toys anymore)

Child #2: Boy, Age 6, Clothes desperately! Size 7-8 boys pants size 7 in boys and shoes size 13. He loves cars and trucks and taking them apart and putting them back together! He likes playing board games, arts and crafts, anything dinosaur!

Child #3: Girl, Age 3, Clothes size 6-6x in shirts in girls pants size 5 in girls and shoes size 11! She’s been begging for a kitchen set with a washer and dryer (she likes to do housework) board games, coloring, arts and crafts, she likes playing make believe whether with food or dress up! She also loves kinetic sand and playdough!

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