“We have four kids and my husband only works in the family because I have to stay home with my kids and my father in law he 87 years old . My husband works only 4 days because he has to take care his father also . It is very hard time for us financially. We didn’t even buy winter clothes for my kids age 8, 7 girls and 6 year old twin boys . They are still wearing last years clothes .”

Child #1: Girl, Age 8, She loves to draw painting and colors. Size 8/10 girls pants, shoes and shirts

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, She wants to adopt a cat but the fees of adoption is too much. Need also shirts, jacket and pants size 7/8

Child #3: Boy, Age 6, Needs clothes 6 year old shirt pants, Sweater, socks. We didn’t buy anything for them this year. He loves to play games but we can’t afford 

Child #4: Boy, Age 6, He loves to play with cars . Needs also clothes , shirt , pant and socks

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