Family #116: ACCORD, ULSTER COUNTY – – – WISH MET!!!

“My family hasn’t had an income in 2 years because my husband takes care of his father who has a genetic form of ALS which is slowly shutting his body down making it hard for him to do much. My husband “works” for his father and in return he makes sure our rent is paid and our electric stays on for our children but we don’t get money for non necessities. Unfortunately Christmas isn’t a necessity and diapers barely make the cut. I was baby sitting to buy diapers for the baby but that didn’t last long because I have 4 children of my own making it difficult with school my children also. My children are fully remote learning due to being a high risk family. With schooling my oldest 3 boys and caring for my 1 year old it makes it impossible for me to get a job. I though over nights but that’s unrealistic when I have to be up and alert all day with schooling and a baby. Thank you for reading my wish and if you can help it would greatly appreciated.”

Child #1: Baby Boy, Age 15 months, Baby boy needs winter hat and gloves shoes size 6 and up his feet keep growing!! He is transitioning into a toddler bed soon so he will need bedding he has been In a Pack and play so he has no actual bedding. He likes baby shark and anything that has lights and sounds

Child #2: Boy, Age 7, Needs winter gear snow pants coat hat gloves. Sizes 8 and boots size 3 children’s. He loves legos, any thing hands on crafts and projects and super hero’s specifying Batman and the joker Harley Quinn. He will have his own bed soon too so he will need sheets and blanket sets for a twin size bed

Child #3: Boy, Age 6, Winter gear, snow pants, coat, gloves, hat, size 7 winter boots, size 1 children shoes. Loves Spider-Man Superman crafts. Needs sheets and blanket sets for his new bed too. Twin size bed

Child #4: Boy, Age 9, Needs winter gear snow pants coat hat gloves size 10/12. Loves sewing and wishes for a sewing machine love arts and crafts and super hero’s. Needs twin sized bedding sheets comforter

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