“I’m hoping to get help this year due to not working. I’m on unemployment but only receive $180 a week which is barely enough for my part of the rent.. I don’t receive any assistance it’s me and my boyfriend with my 2 daughters, my 2 dogs that we rescued and my cat. I feel bad cause my boyfriend put all his money in the house and whatever we have left we use for food and he has his kids from a prior relationship which they take child support from him.. So its been very hard lately especially with one car. I feel bad because I’ve always started early with gifts for them.. But this year I haven’t worked and only receiving the little bit of income we get it’s just been hard even to get groceries luckily they’ve been school lunches.. And thing we can get we will be grateful for. Thank you Happy Holidays to everyone.”

Child #1: Girl, Age 9, She loves LOLs and anything to do with barbies. She could use some pants or blankets or even a fitted sheet for her twins size bed. She’s a size 7\8. My daughter loves anything she can paint or make. She really would be grateful for anything.

Child #2: Girl, Age 13, My oldest daughter could really use anything body care products being that she’s going thru that stage.. She could use smelly good thing like deodorant razors etc.. She loves to read!!! so anything with books she loves.. She recently started watching Harry Potter after reading a book someone gave her.. She a tall girl 5’6 her size is a 14 in jeans and a large in shirts.. She loves hoodies and anything with plaid.

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