“We were recently forced to move due to our last landlord selling. We moved here an hour and half away, on nothing . This was a month ago and we are still trying to catch up. I was taken out of work right before we had to move due to being recently diagnosed with a chronic condition. My husband is now the only income provider while I wait on disability. This would help us so much.”

Child #1: Anything to do with cats. She’s a size 7/8 in clothes and size 13 in shoes. She’s extremely girly but loves bugs and snakes as well.

Child #2: Girl, Age 7, Anything horses or unicorns. She is a size 6/7 in clothes and size 12 for shoes. Anything to make these kids smile will be a great help

Child #3: Boy, Age 16, He’s not a normal 16 year old. He loves reading. Mostly books about the Catholic religion (I have to be specific with him) or any books about history from around the world

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