“I suffered the lost of twins and was out of work for a while. Also I was recently hospitalized. Luckily I still have my job but I’m backed up on rent so I will not be able to buy them anything. I have been trying to teach them Christmas is about family time not so much about presents but they don’t understand so I’m hoping I can receive some help to make them have a good Christmas”

Child #1: Girl, Age 7, (She) is very girly she loves pink and glitter she likes to play with dolls and be a little mommy she could use snow boots size 2

Child #2: Boy, Age 6, He is into superheroes, hot wheels race track sets, he likes blue and red, he to could use snow boots size 1

Child #3: Baby Boy, Age 6 months, He could use clothes 6/9 months and learning toys

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