“I am a single mother of two wonderful boys one special needs. I was able to escape domestic violence a few years ago where’s my two boys my father never helped me and now he can’t because he’s on his deathbed. I have been diagnosed with cardiovascular disease also a leak and my heart my doctors took me out of work because of everything. I suffer from depression PTSD and anxiety attacks. This makes it difficult for me to work I do also suffer from decapitating at migraines any help would I forget are greatly be appreciated thank you.”

Child #1: Boy, Age 11, He needs some warm clothes hat scarf gloves sweatpants t-shirts hoodies he’s a size 2x in men snow boots he’s a size 11 in men. He also needs twin size bedding and pillow He would like to get home drone Beyblades canvases Nerf guns

Child #2: Boy, Age 8 , He needs hat scarves gloves sweatshirts tee shirts pants all sides 1214 shoes or sneakers or snow boots size 4 boys he also needs twin size bedding and pillow and he will like the game Sorry Mario Monopoly Nerf guns and Beybladesko

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